Uniform Market Retailer Pro Platform is designed for uniform retailers to efficiently and economically launch online stores.

Over 120+ Supplier Catalogs [ and counting...]

  • Barco
  • Cherokee
  • Dickies
  • LifeThread
  • white cross
  • White Swan Brands
  • Wonder Wink
  • 511
  • Bulwark
  • Carhartt
  • Propper
  • Red Kap
  • Safariland
  • Elbeco
  • Bates
  • BigBill
  • Horace Small
  • Portwest
  • VF Imagewear
  • WorkriteFR
  • Wrangler

The "Only" ecommerce platform built for Medical Scrubs Retailers

Automatic Product Updates
Automatic Product Updates

By integrating with a lot of manufacturers and supplier we update our retailer stores with up-to-date product information which saves over 100+ hours/month.

Returns over time
Get 10X ROI over 2 Years

With SEO optimized platform, up-to-date product catalogs and easy to use platform help our retailers achieve 10x ROI in less than 2 years.

Private Group Stores

Launching a group store for your customers is easy with Preferred Groups. Create separate products, pricing and many other options.

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Pumps up ecommerce with UniformMarket. See why they moved from Volusion to our B2B Retailer Pro platform.

All Uniform Wear Case Study

"Established for 30 years; All Uniform Wear takes pride in it's years of service and commitment to the uniform and custom embroidery industry. Initially servicing the State of Florida, All Uniform Wear has expanded its distribution network to include the entire United States and Caribbean. "

Before engaging with UniformMarket, they had hosted their ecommerce on volusion, though it was functional, it did not provide them enough sales conversion and just maintaining it was an ordeal task for them. One of the company’s requirements for ecommerce was a light-weight platform that offered a variety of out-of-box features to avoid integrating multiple solutions. 

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, we implemented their ecommerce store to serve their unique requirements and the POS integrations.  
As a Result: UniformMarket's rich set of built-in features such as product information management and order management system provided AUW the foundation it needed to begin ecommerce and scale as the company grows online. 
" For the first time, I am working with a TEAM that listens and collaborates with us!  Honestly, this is the most fun I have had in a long time (Yes, work should be fun)!  More importantly, this is the closest we have ever come to finally overcoming years of ecommerce failure. "
- Oliver H. Garcia  
 Director of Marketing & Public Relations




790 W 26 Street
Hialeah,FL 33010


Create custom pricing and custom products

"Family-owned since 1946, our family has been providing the medical community with the finest in products and services for nearly 70 years. Our goal is to offer you the best prices on our high-quality uniforms and shoes every day."

Before engaging with UniformMarket, they were taking group orders via phone and email. While managing and fulfilling the orders was a challenge on one-hand, They did not have visibility on the shopper's persona or the sales forecast from their group accounts.

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, we implemented their ecommerce store and set up the preferred groups for each of their group accounts - Clinics & Hospitals.

As a Result: They can now manage the group accounts completely online and offer deals, discounts specific to the clinics all with few clicks.




1645 S. Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74112

Effortlessly Manage Corporate Wear Program For a Largest Bank in Puerto Rico.


"EXECUTIVE UNIFORMS is a division of FASHION GROUP, INC. Located in Puerto Rico, we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of professional clothing and work wear for any type of business. Currently, we supply uniforms to over 80% of the government agencies in the U.S. Virgin Islands and 70% of the banks and government agencies in Puerto Rico. We have recently expanded into the U.S. and are currently serving a diverse selection of industries"


Before engaging with UniformMarket, they were taking group orders via phone and email - which was overwhelming and very intense. They serve uniforms to one of the biggest banks in Puerto Rico and wanted everything online from managing products to fulfilling the orders.

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, we implemented their eCommerce store and set up the preferred groups for each of their banks by its branch.  
As a Result: All the employees of their bank customers are very happy using the platform. The way they can see the orders without having to print everything makes it a lot easier for them and less time consuming.

Executive Uniforms-1


executive uniforms

Service Address:

204 Eleonor Roosevelt, San Juan, PR 00918

We have seen about 7-9% increase in less than a year.


"Allen Uniform Sales is a second generation family-owned business. Founded in 1960 by Earle Allen, the business quickly became established in the Greater Portland area as a company that provided quality products at a fair price.

While the company has grown over the years, the staff's personal way of doing business has not changed. Now owned and run by Earle's son Tom, the store prides itself in knowing its customers."


Before engaging with UniformMarket, They were serving to local market and wanted the global outreach. Also they wanted a system that supports taking the group orders from the vendors they have in pipeline.

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, the advantage has been a more global outreach. Also, because they are linked to several vendors, they have been able to land a couple sizable vendors that weren't in our area. The other advantage we have is the Preferred Groups. They've helped us solidify customers and retention.
As a Result: All the employees of their bank customers are very happy using the platform. The way they can see the orders without having to print everything makes it a lot easier for them and less time consuming.

Allen Uniforms



385 Main Street
South Portland, ME 04106

"We got customers back because we were able to build a store. The platform has increased revenue."

SIMON UNIFORM Case Study: Create custom pricing and custom products

"Uniforms create and reinforce a company’s image for everyone who sees them. They are inextricably linked to a company’s values and services.

It is through our understanding of the above that Simon Uniform Company approaches uniform selection. We work closely with our customers to insure their image is appropriately represented in their choices for corporate clothing."


Before engaging with UniformMarket, They needed a website that can bring their customer back. They sell mostly thourgh their vendors and they needed a platform that is not very involved at managing the product information updates but efficient in taking group orders online

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, they got their customers back because of the improved online store. The platform has increased revenue. they were able to introduce it to other clients and looking forward that to increase their revenue. 
As a Result: Won customers back; Increased Revenues.
"For starters, Uniform Market has the right people to help us with just about anything; building a store, content, etc. "
-Alyce Simon

Simon Uniforms-1



5723 W Howard St
Niles,IL 60714

It saves a small company like us a lot of manual labor.


"GQ Uniforms has the largest selection of name brand school and hospitality uniforms in Osceola County. Our store has been in business in the same location in Kissimmee, FL since 1972, and is owned and operated by Allen and Sherreen Appel. "

Before engaging with UniformMarket, they didn't really have a ecommerce presence. They had a generic website like WordPress. They were looking for a platform that has all the products and inventory feeds from all the manufacturers they sell from. 

Once they started to work with Uniform Market, They are able to sell to their preferred group customers online much more efficiently through setting up a private site for them to go on and make a purchase.

As a Result: More business through their group customers and the automatic product updates from manufacturers saves them a lot of manual labor.

Gq Uniforms-1


GQ Uniforms

1106 N. John Young Pkwy
Kissimmee,FL 34741

Do not limit your customers for their embroidery needs


"Listening closely to the needs of nurses, we've thoughtfully designed our scrubs for the way you work and live—with fun colors, easy-care fabrics and plenty of pockets. So every day, you wear confidence and comfort, seam to seam."
Before engaging with Uniform Market, they used to take their embroidery orders out of the ecommerce system. It used to be a very complex task to visualize how the final embroidery looks like on the garment.
Once they started working with Uniform Market. we set up their embroidery manager system and integrated it into their ecommerce. 
The results were great: They no longer spend a lot of time manually taking embroidery orders but instead they automated the entire embroidery system.


Embroidery Manager


Three Lakes Drive
Northfield, IL 60093
United States


Selling online from over 7 catalogs and keeping website up-to-date with latest product information is not time-consuming anymore.


"We opened our family owned business August 2013. We strive to provide you with medical and nursing uniforms, medical instruments, supplies, accessories and nursing shoes from the most well-known manufacturers in the healthcare industry"


Before engaging with Uniform Market, they tried various generic eCommerce platforms. Their biggest challenge was updating the products and the justifying the returns for the hours spent on maintaining online store .  They were selling online from over 7 catalogs and always keeping website up-to-date with product information was very time-consuming.

They started working with Uniform Market.  We did all the the heavy lifting of maintaining the product and inventory updates from the all the major suppliers.  

As a result, they no longer spend tons of hours a month, just to update product information on their online store. They use the native benefits of our platform like automatic product updates and inventory updates to seamlessly take and fulfill orders online.





The Scrub Hub LLC

Scrubs Retailer, 
Watertown, NY 13601




Benefits & Features

A typical uniform retailer online store would have about 500+ products with over 5000 skus.

Manage products from all the suppliers together at one place.

Are you selling online from over 5 catalogs?  

Now, a simple store like this will have following challenges

  • Updating out-of-stock items on your website.
  • Vendor discontinued the products, but you are still taking orders on those.
  • You are spending too many hours just maintaining the current product information
Automatic Product Sync
"We had a generic website like WordPress. Going with UnformMarket allowed us to have all of the vendors and catalogs together on our website so people were able to see what we were all about. Having products from all the catalogs without the pain of maintaining it is the biggest gain for us."
Jason Allen
GQ Uniforms and Fashions
Content Management System

Extensive self-help content management.

Keep your website fresh by not relying on the third-party developers or support team. Intuitive to use CMS platform gives you the flexibility to drag and drop the required widgets and use them accordingly.



Designer tool
to customize the

With the online design studio tool you can customize your products easily and preview the look of the

  • Unlimited choices per store
  • Templates, designs and fonts
  • Support multitude of products
Embroidery Manager

Automatic product and inventory updates from 120+ uniforms catalogs

  • Subscribe to over 22+ Scrubs.
  • Choose the products which needs to be in your store.
  • Choose Inventory Sync & Drop shipping
Over 15 payment gateways to choose from

Multiple Payment Methods

Depending on your business needs, use multiple payment methods. we have integrated with over  15 payment gateways including Paypal, Authorize.net and others.


Integrate with QuickBooks, ShipWorks or over 33 apps.

"We use QuickBooks and ShipWorks in our online stores. It's much easier to use drop ship and manage orders with these apps. Saves us a ton of effort".

Jon Dolgard, Scrub Retailer, Texas
"As a UniformMarket client I can only tell you how happy I am with this company. They have been patient and helpful through the whole process of getting our site up and working. They are quick to respond to any problems and have a excellent training system that I personally have accesses more than once. I highly recommend using UniformMarket if you are in the retail uniform business."
Team DGG

#1 Ecommerce platform built for Uniform Industry

With Uniform Market’s Retailer Pro, you get reliable ecommerce online store to scale your business online. The turn key features and the out of the box functionality provides exceptional benefits to scrub retailer to be successful online.

8 Million+ <br> Transactions
8 Million+
700 customers
700+ Retailer
Level 1 PCI DSS

Our Team

2 Offices

Headquarters located at Evanston, IL, USA
Product Development Center at Hyderabad, India

3 Countries

Proudly serving software for uniform retailers, distributors and manufacturers in USA, Canada and Mexico

Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes You from everyone else?

Our experience in helping launch thousands of online stores to manage uniform businesses makes us the experts in crafting solutions for the uniform retailers with single brick and mortar stores or purely an online retailer. Book A Demo

Who are you guys, anyway?

UniformMarket grew from Made to Measure magazine, the industry trade journal for 85 years. Since then we’ve partnered with Sellers Commerce, experts in eCommerce solutions with a strong team of technology experts whose experience includes working with some of the largest companies in the world such as eBay, PayPal and Microsoft

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Given our testimonials left by clients and the number of leading scrubs retailers, distributors and manufacturers that we currently work with, our track record speaks for itself.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for?

It has worked for 120+ scrubs retailers, It should work for you too. Choose from the pre-defined template, get your store live asap, Let us do the heavy lifting on the product updates. All you have to do is wear a marketer hat & win more business online.

How many hours should I put every week to keep the store running?

To maintain the store and product information, it may require you to regularly monitor for about 2 hours per week. But to grow your business  - the more you market, the better you do in sales!

What are the typical contract terms?

Once you pay the initial one-time setup fee and complete the order with our Sales team, we will get your store live within 4 weeks. We need your iterative feedback during this time.  You will be obligated for the monthly hosting fee only depending on the plan you choose.

What type of support do you offer?

We make sure your online store is up and running 99.9%. For any technical or application related support, You will be able to reach out to our customer success team located at Evanston, IL

Can we control the view of products based on the departments?

Yes. Each account can be set up to meet the needs of your business. Employees can purchase their own uniforms or have a manager control all orders through employee groups, product set groups, and quota management.

For example, Doctors will be able to purchase lab coats, but nurses will not be able to since that is not a requirement for their uniforms.